14. Februar 2015

♥ Valentine ♥

Was das ist? Das ist die Grenze! Keine Herzchen >  AB HIER!
Wir müssen heute eine pink-freie Zone verteidigen!
Manchmal wissen die echt nicht, was schön ist.
Tami, was machst DU denn da? Woody umarmen. Ist Valentinstag oder nicht?

 ♥ Happy Valentine ♥


  1. Happy Valentine!
    Those Jungs wait until they are older they will wish that had practiced when they were younger!
    Love all the photo's of the boys in their pink free zone and the girls enjoying themselves, have a LOVER LY day :)

  2. How lovely, the girls are all romantic! But oh dear, the boys are such killjoys!!!
    I love all your little heart shaped accessories too. Very nice indeed.
    I wish you a very happy St Valentines day :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

  3. Superb Valentine post! Love all those little hearts scattered everywhere and how wonderful are those heart shaped real candles.
    I'm gathering from seeing this that my whole house is probably more of a red/pink girly zone.
    Wondering just how long the boys will continue with their pact of 'NO LUV' from here attitude? A couple/few more years maybe and then they won't know what's hit them when they discover that 'Love is in the air' and they can't fight or escape from it.